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Want to have a Website? Empty Want to have a Website?

Post  RG on Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:06 pm

Me and my son JJ can now design a website through Blogger.com.

Our cebunavs.com is a blogger based. It is very easy to start a blog in blogger.com but it will not look like a real website.
The ordinary blogger site is:
1. The Logo in the browser will remain as blogger logo (B)
2. The dashboard will remain at the top
3. The address is always contains blogger.com
4. Limited format.
5. Its basically blog. Not good if you want to present your business to the public.

We have learned how to tweak the format to make it a real website, like our cebunavs.com

What is the advantage of Using blogger.com as the host of your website?
1. You don't have to pay for hosting fee of US$7 per month.
2. Very easy to add or to remove any part of your website.
3. Very easy to reformat the lay-out.
4. Very stable host because it is own by Google.

So here is the services that we want to offer Only for those who will use it for business website:
1. A website with:
a. Address (URL) www.yourname.com (US$10/year for domain name registration) or www.yourname.blogspot.com (free). But it is always advisable for business website to have a .com address.
b. Option to accept payment online through paypal (using credit card) for anything you want to sell in your website. You must have a bank account where paypal can send your money. You can also use this in accepting donations (We will teach you how to do that)
c. A store where you can display your product with pictures, description and prices.
d. An interactive section (forum type) where your customer can make orders and communicate with you and you can also communicate with them. Same as what we are using now.
e. Anything that is digital (text, music, video, audio and pictures) that you want to put in your website.
f. Email address that Automatically post your email in the website.

2. Tutorial on how to make this kind of web-site.

Since you are the Owner of this website you will provide us with:
1. The important texts (Title, products, prices, descriptions etc.) which only you know.
2. Pictures, video etc that you want to put in the website which only you have.
3. Logo of your company. (Optional: you can just sketch it and we will digitize it)
4. Concept of the webpage lay-out if you have (Optional; we can do the webpage lay-out then will present it to you for a fee)

Webpage Labor Cost: (This is for my son who wanted save to buy laptop)
1. Company Logo design P100/logo, if you don't have the concept, P50/logo if you have a sketch of the logo -we'll use photoshop in jpeg format, you can use it over and over again.
2. Webpage lay-out P100/page if you do not have the concept, P50/page if you have your own lay-out concept.
3. P20/element or section that you want your website to have. (example: automatic email posting, Interactive section(forum type), store section with picture, description and prices, photo album, video, linking other webpage etc..). This will not matter how many pages you want to have we will just count the number of element per page. Same price if you want us to maintain your website you only pay every time to want to make changes.

P50 per lesson for 10 lessons. With QA portion. So that you can use this to make your own website and turn it also as your business.

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