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Post  RG on Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:41 pm

Mga Igsoon,
Ang mga well known garments brand mga igsoon sa Europe mostly are made here in Bangladesh. Of course together with other anusual brands, but the bottomline is the garments here is of quality and many of the excess sa orders are sold here.
Ang Mga Pinoy diri who are working in garments (90% of pinoy here)as managers. Naa sila sila business nga garments buying ang they are shipping it to the Philippines by box. Ang isa ka box will cost about 10,000 pesos plus $US55 freight to Manila. From Manila they are shipping it to anyplace in the Philippines freight payment (Manila-anywhere in the Phils) collect from the recipient. They said that their retailer in the Philippines are selling one box from 20T-30 pesos. Ang shipper mga Igsoon among silingan. Kusog kaayo kay they are shipping twice a month.
Ang mga Pinoy diri gapadala ug 1, 2, 5 ka boxes sa ila mga paryente nga mao ang gabaligya sa mga opisina ang uban naa puesto sa market.

Here are the advantages:
1. The profit margin is really big. (according sa among mga nakaestorya)
2. The goods are delivered in your doorstep.
3. Ang Capital requirement di kaayo dako.

Ang bottleneck: Ang palaligya diha sa Pinas.

So basin naa sa inyo diha maka organize ug network nga tigpamaligay sa mga opisina maayo kaayo ni nga negosyo.

Kato atong puesto didto sa Mandaue katong karenderia nga giparentahan na lang basin puede nato tong himoong retail outlet.

Unsa man ang among Part ani Diri sa Bangladesh?
Simply kaayo kay once nakabalo ang mga managers na Pinoy sa mga garments factory nga you are buying and shipping to the Philippines they will come to you with samples and take your orders. They will deliver it also to your house. Ang shipper will give you balikbayan boxes, ang among trabaho is just to check the garments one by one and put it inside the box seal and call the shipper to pick it up from our house. ! box will only take less than an hour to pack, kung 2 boxes/month, 2 hours per month ang among trabahao. The shippers take care of all the custom duties both here in Bangladesh and in the Philippines.

Kung kinsay interesado lets talk more.. reply to this post.


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